My name is Emily, Emirosa Verticordia is a religious epithet.

Emily Rose is my first and middle, and Emirosa is a latin equivalent to “Emily of Roses”.

Verticordia is one of the Goddess Venus’s many epithets meaning “Changer of Hearts”. Venus Verticordia was one of the many expressions of the divine feminine, as seen with Mary Magdalene in Christianity. Venus Verticordia is said to have the ability to change the hearts of prostitutes and adulterers and make them pure again.

My religious philosophy is one of immanent polytheism, all visible phenomena are considered to be manifestations of divinity.

One of the focuses of my religious philosophy is Eris, otherwise referred to as contrast/discord/yin-yang/binary.

This page will be updated as I see fit, and when I’m no longer high and sleep deprived eating takeout in my bed.