Patriarchy, or “Left brain overload”

We live in a culture that prioritizes those that think with their left brain. In current western society, there is a heavy emphasis placed on reasoning, logic, and scientific theory. There is nothing wrong with these traits, but they have to be checked. In an ideal world, every human being would balance reasoning, logic, and scientific notions with empathy, intuition, and creativity. But this is not the case, as is evident in society commonly described by feminists as “patriarchy”.

Both men and women can have feminine and masculine traits, but men and women have in general proportionate amounts of masculine energy and feminine energy to correspond to their physical bodies. Masculinity is very useful for certain life paths, and femininity very useful for different life paths. In both postmodern “progressive” circles and “traditionalist” circles, there is still the lack of appreciation and respect for the divine feminine.

Men tend to be what we describe as left brain, and also tend to be the aggressors. Women are right brain. Our education system prioritizes STEM (an important field!), and discredits creativity and social studies/social science.

Women tend to be emotional, feeling, sensitive, romantic, intuitive, and creative. The gut reaction of a woman when comparing the traits of femininity and masculinity is a feeling of inferiority. This is due to the praise of masculinity (which is a good thing) and the ridicule of femininity (bad!). The only way women might gain respect in modern society is by behaving exactly as a man, and an inferior man at that. Women have almost no spaces for themselves, as women are encouraged to be competitive against each other.

This competition is not necessarily a bad thing, but in the context of the modern dating/sexual market- it’s extremely dangerous. What men naturally want in women is a blank slate. By expanding their career or gaining romantic and sexual experience, they devalue themselves to most men. Yes, ladies, this is shallow and stupid, but we are cavemen after all.

The lack of respect and support systems for femininity is extremely damaging to society. Women hold great power in their own mysterious way, as women are self sacrificing in nature. This is why women stay in unsatisfying relationships, why we choose to go again after giving birth once, why we’ll bend over backwards for most people. Until western society starts starts praising feminine traits, we will continue to be a society full of feminized men and masculine, confused women.

Women need to learn to lead other women, to gain ownership and authority of their own bodies and souls, and negotiate their identity with the world around them.

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