“Gold Digging” is natural and essential for a functioning society

I find it so amusing when men, or boys I should say, flex their wealth on social media constantly, buy huge houses and sports cars, and constantly complain about women only wanting them for their wealth.

The dating and sexual market is advantageous towards men. Men are the aggressors, women are supposed to be passive. This puts modern women into an awkward position, as women are “born rich” according to Red Pill ideology, and any perceived slight by a woman puts her into the danger zone.

Women are universally expected to sacrifice major parts of their personality, be passive and hyper-empathetic to the needs of others, and limit themselves so that they may find a man early enough to have children and start a family.

All men care about in a female partner is 1. low body count or virginity in tact 2. LOOKS above everything 3. naivety/innocence. The fact that most men in the manosphere cannot understand why women find this creepy and disgusting is shocking. Men can bounce back after a relationship much easier than most women, because most of the time men do not see women as people, rather they see them as extensions of the self.

Now on to the issue of gold digging: Men need to be builders, creators, and create a successful economy/country. It’s in their genetic coding. Sometimes I find myself amazed when I hear one of my dumbest male friends talk about technical things. I’m not a man-hater by any means, even if it sounds that way. Women need to build social networks, maintain peace, test men, and build families. Women should naturally only go for the best of the best, and men should strive to be the best of the best. Hypergamy benefits everyone.

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