Why Virgo Women Love These Signs (And How They Hurt Her)

Virgo women, especially younger women, have a tendency to be attracted to these 3 male zodiac signs: Scorpios, Taurus, and Leos.

From what I can tell from my own personal experience, virgo women do have the tendency to be quite virginal and innocent. Not in a conventional sense, as I know many virgo women who have had their fair share of hook up culture and other “impure” activities. But virgo women don’t really let their inner selves become affected by hookups or living on the wild side for a while. They have an inner naivety and innocence that they guard with a very masculine front.

Many virgo women are true romantics at heart, and often wish that they could only allow themselves to feel soft. Virgo women of course have god complexes,  and tend to hate the idea of being vulnerable. A virgo woman will find herself very attracted to men who seem different, or more “manly” than most men. They crave sexual polarity, but their partners will not always be willing to work towards unlocking their feminine side. Their partners might sense her need to nurture and give, and walk all over her. The virgo woman will be quick to forgive, and almost over perform femininity out of fear of being left.

Why Virgo women love Leo Men:

Leo men come across like celebrities. They are very self important, and tend to draw others in to their energy field. A virgo woman will find herself at the edge of her seat when she is infatuated with a Leo male, in love with his way with words. Leo men often have good senses of humor, which appeals to Virgo’s mercury connection. Most of all, the lion symbolizes protection to the Virgo woman. Virgo women are likely to feel like impostors in their day to day lives, and feel like they are going to break down at any moment. Virgo women fear vulnerability or chaos of any kind. A leo man might be in touch with his femininity (by being prideful or vain), but to the Virgo woman he loves, he will be her knight in shining armor. The downside to this partnership is Leo men can be very emotionally volatile and narcissistic. They require validation almost as much as a woman does. A virgo woman will give him everything he desires, until it’s not good enough for him anymore.

Why Virgo women love Scorpio Men:

Scorpios are water signs, and their emotional ways can help virgo women feel more complete. A virgo woman will be boastful of her scorpio man, and quick to overlook any unfaithfulness on his side. A scorpio man promises excitement, which virgo women crave because of their inner desire to be saved or protected. A virgo woman will be heavily in lust with her scorpio man, because scorpio men are in touch with their femininity and likely to exhibit hypersexuality. Virgo women tend to be high libido, but need a great deal of security before being able to enjoy sex. A scorpio man’s smooth talking abilities, machismo and possessiveness will make her feel desired, which is what she needs in order to feel sensual. She will most likely be too submissive and willing to give up sex too easy, because scorpios radiate sexual energy. Virgo women and Scorpio men have a tendency to play with each other and develop bonds based on sex and emotional support. The Virgo woman might feel obsessed with him at first, then realize he’s not all that, but still care for him deeply. A scorpio man can bring a virgo woman to tears very easily because of his callousness.

Why Virgo women love Taurus Men:

This could be a whole separate article. Taurus men and virgo women are the most natural conclusion, but this is only if their sexual polarity aligns. Virgo women have a tendency to trust Taurus men too much. Virgo women will fall head over heels for a Taurus man but not realize it until after he’s hurt her. Taurus are of course hypermasculine and this excites her. A taurus man will make her feel safe and she will feel good telling him all of her secrets. This is wrong, because she gives up her hand. Virgo women hate playing “games”, Taurus men love them. Taurus men love arguments and drama, and virgo women are very easily upset and conflict avoidant. A taurus man can feel unreachable, and virgo women often make themselves look stupid trying to prove their worth to them. The taurus man says jump, the virgo woman asks how high? As with scorpios, taurus use positive reinforcements sparingly to make the virgo woman crazier about him. A taurus man and a virgo woman have high sexual chemistry, but the virgo woman’s tendency to overthink can keep a Taurus man at arms length. The key to getting a Taurus man as a virgo woman is to reverse their games. Don’t care about them, but every once in a while, give them just a little tiny bit of validation.

None of these pairings are inherently bad, but I personally feel that most articles about compatibility are too positive and idealistic, which can lead to bruised egos.

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