The Worst Way to Approach a Woman

This post is aimed at men who might be socially awkward or just in general struggle with getting dates.

The absolute worst way for a man to approach a woman is online. The one thing that will annoy a woman to no end, is a simple DM with the words “hey” from an account with no profile picture or a blurry mirror selfie, and no mutual followers.

Men that ask for my advice seem alarmed when I tell them they must present something of value to a woman before approaching. Whether it’s good looks, charm, charisma, money, a good sense of humor, similar tastes in music, women need to be impressed. Camile Paglia, a feminist author, has remarked that women are actually the dominant sex because men need to jump through so many hoops to win us over.

When you’re either using an online dating profile or instagram, you become just another number to her. You have yet to prove yourself as a Man. If you must approach a woman online, try learning how social media works first. Have a decent profile, know your angles, and present yourself as someone with a personality rather than another beta male that thinks he’s God’s gift to earth.

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