Leave Your Daddy Issues in 2018

In the current state of America, I feel confident in saying most people have unresolved mommy or daddy issues. In a way, I feel (modern) American culture in of itself is built on the idea of the tyrannical father figure that damns all men as terrible abusers or authoritarian monsters.

When you do things to punish your parents for their ignorance or abuse, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. When every day you consciously decide to make all men pay for the sins of your father, you’re only punishing yourself. By focusing too much on what your father did to fuck your life up so much (psychological term), you completely give up any chance you have at healing. This is actually celebrated in our world. Those who are more conspiracy minded, like myself, likely have a laundry list of reasons that our society at large promotes never healing mental wounds and never becoming a functioning adult. Faux rebellion is sold to college students racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to study Intersectional Queer Science. If you want to rebel, become a functioning and independent adult.

I have to admit that I offer no solution to solving Daddy Issues, as I am a licensed Not Therapist. The best advice I have to offer, is not to let yourself become a victim. Acknowledge that something terrible happened to you, you were a child and did not deserve it, but now you’re an adult. Watch the Brady Bunch or any old family sitcom. That’s how dads really act. Accept that your situation was abnormal and wrong, and should not be the norm.

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