Did you have a past life in Atlantis?

I did! People who have past lives in atlantis can typically experience:

  1. Fear of the ocean/large bodies of water
  2. OR an intense fascination of the ocean
  3. Guilt, or feeling extremely skittish and anxious for no reason all the time
  4. A fear of natural disaster
  5. Having a visceral reaction when hearing unknown sounds (maybe planes, gunshots, construction but the sounds tend to linger longer on you than others who may not take notice)
  6. A sense of not belonging
  7. (appropriate!) mistrust of government, military etc
  8. Aversion/OR fascination with technology
  9. an affinity for countries in southern europe or middle east/barbary coast
  10. fascination with dolphins
  11. The colors gold, purple, white, or regal colors attract you
  12. dreams of natural disasters, floods, volcanoes etc
  13. Drawn to healing, counseling, medicine fields
  14. You find yourself confused by drama and politics- as if you knew of a better system
  15. attraction to crystals


I will write about my past life experiences in Atlantis, when I am better equipped to deal with the traumatic memories.

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