How to Attract A Celebrity

The first step is removing the word celebrity from your vocabulary. Put yourself equal to your target. Remember you’re both just people.

Then, go through whoever that celebrity follows. Most likely, you’ll find childhood friends, producers they’ve worked with, managers, team members. And if you’re a pretty girl, it’ll be easy to get at least one or two follow backs. Go even deeper than just their follow list. Follow people that the people they follow follow.

Then, just wait. Wait until you feel an inspired call to action. Watch your engagements go up. If you want Drake, you gotta play the field and start targeting OVO crew members. Just be patient, don’t clout chase, keep calm, and you’ll get that picture or that kid with that rapper or singer or actor.

The universe doesn’t know what difficulty is. The only person who can decide something is difficult is you.

I had a huge crush on a certain rapper, I followed all of these steps, and I have a couple of his associate’s imessages, I’ve been on live with some of his associates, and I’ve had a couple conversations with one of his girlfriends. Now, I don’t even want him anymore, so my manifestation has naturally slowed down. But that opportunity will always be there.


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